Has your car insurance premium increased step over

Car insurers are not in a good position and are therefore going to raise their premiums. If your car insurance premium increases, you can switch to another insurance policy. In that case, you do not have a cancellation period, but you must cancel your insurance within 30 days. Download the sample letter for cancellation in the event of an interim premium increase for free. View here which car insurers have increased or are going to increase their premiums.

Notice period of one month


If you do not cancel within 30 days, you still have a cancellation period of one month. Since 1 January 2010, you can cancel your policy daily with a one-month cancellation period. Download the sample letter for cancellation per contract expiration date free of charge.

Take out new insurance first

Take out new insurance first

We recommend you first take out a new car insurance policy before you cancel your old one. Via Lender you can quickly and easily find the car insurance with the lowest premium and the best coverage and take out it immediately. Moreover, research has shown that car insurance with the lowest premium often has the best coverage. Calculate now which insurance is the best choice for you.

Compare your car insurance: how does it work?

Compare your car insurance: how does it work?


To calculate the best choice you must enter a number of details:

  • Your license plate . When you buy a new car, you may not know your license plate. Then choose ‘License plate (not yet known)’. You will then have the option to choose the type of car, year of manufacture, model, fuel, transmission and type of license plate. Fill in these fields as well as possible, because then you will also get the best calculation.
  • Kilometers per year. Select here the number of kilometers per year that you think you will drive.
  • Number of demonstrable claim-free years. Enter here the number of claim-free years that you have accrued. If you do not know the number of claim-free years, you can indicate how many years you have been insured. And you must enter how many damage you have suffered during that time. An indication of your claim-free years will then be entered. When it comes to a second car, you cannot take the damage-free years that you have built up for your first car to your second car.
  • Driver’s date of birth. Select here the date of birth of the driver who will drive the car most regularly. Many insurance companies are increasingly calculating their premiums. Age plays a major role in this. Young people and the elderly in particular often have to pay a supplement.
  • Postal Code . Enter the zip code of the address of the most regular driver. This must be a Dutch zip code. Research has shown that car insurance premiums are often also code sensitive. It is possible that neighbors who live 300 meters apart do not pay the same for their car insurance. In the worst-case scenario, this means that you would have been less expensive for the exact same car insurance a little further down the street.
  • The desired coverage. You can opt for WA, Limited hull and Full hull. You can find more information here about the different coverages. You can opt for: – third party liability (WA), limited liability (also known as WA plus, third-party liability or third-party liability) – full insurance (also referred to as liability or all-risk insurance). You can view here which cover best suits your car. The coverage can be very decisive for the calculation of the premium, since there is a large price difference between the coverage. Incidentally, if you pay more premium, you do not have better coverage. Research has shown that, on average, cheaper insurance has better coverage.
  • Payment term. And finally you can choose whether you want to pay per month or year. If you want to pay per year, you can get a discount of up to 5 percent.

Then choose the type of car and the version and click on Calculate premiums.

Would you like to discover if you can save on your car insurance? Then calculate the cheapest premium.

Premium overview

When you have compared your car insurance you will see a premium overview. At the top of the list you immediately see the cheapest insurance. Via coverage ‘,’ deductible ‘or’ customer opinion ‘you can indicate where you would like to select your car insurance. You can compare by clicking on multiple insurance policies and then clicking on ‘compare details’ below. You will then see all the plus and minus points of the various car insurance policies in a row.


Have you chosen your new car insurance? Or would you like to request a quote. Click here for the step-by-step plan ‘taking out your car insurance’. Requesting a quote and taking out a new car insurance is arranged within five minutes.

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