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Today’s time places high demands on every family. On the pay day, the floodgates open metaphorically and most of the income is drained by payments for housing, energy, services. In quick succession, there are payments for school events, aids and rings, commuting to work and then, of course, regular purchases of food and drugstores. As prices continue to rise, it is difficult to find a financial balance and even allocate part of the revenue to create a reserve to cover sudden expenditure if necessary.

Surely you have a good overview of your income and expenses, but it still does not hurt to take a small inventory and check how your family is spending and strengthening weaknesses.

Take paper and pencil

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You may have detective work, but don’t be discouraged. Write down honestly one full month. Every account and every expense. Gradually, you can sort individual expenses. Tiny snacks, newspapers or coffee can show a pretty interesting sum at the end of the month. Try also to record in the future also the large regular expenses that you encounter during the year. Real estate tax, municipal waste collection, magazine subscriptions, flat or car insurance, and even a vignette.

Necessary expenditure versus voluntary

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Make three stacks at the end of the reporting period. Exclude expenditure that is absolutely necessary in the first part. Here are the items you just do nothing with. These include renting an apartment, repaying a mortgage, energy, tuition fees.

The second pile deserves attention in terms of possible savings. You can better organize your food purchases so that you don’t unnecessarily throw away leftovers. You can take advantage of a discount offer or at least temporarily reduce the comfort and grease the snack a day in advance at home instead of a ready-made snack. Even here, you can find a nice sum by the crowns. Services are also important. You might want to ask your competitors for an Internet connection, consider the phone tariffs you use, or even the number of pay TV channels actually used.

You can discuss the third pile together with your children and consider how much you spend when planning a free afternoon, buying something for pleasure, or wanting to relax from cooking and go to a comfortable restaurant.

Find reserves and stick to the plan

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If you find a great destination, whether you are saving for a holiday or an attractive trip, the children will surely be the first to admonish you to save money and do without popcorn in the cinema. Set an example and think about farming. Expenditure in a clear table can show you the way.

In every budget you will find at least a small gap that will help you to leave aside some of the money and to face any adverse effects with lesser consequences. Keep in mind that short-term loans are the ultimate solution to help you overcome your crisis. However, in this case, you can rely without reservation on Anna Karenina, which specializes in short – term non – bank loans .

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